Skater Girl

Kylee Jiran

Superior, Arizona

I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful model on Saturday. Kylee Jiran stepped in front of the lens out in the rustic town of Superior, Arizona. A great location for all types of photography especially with all the interesting and colorful spots. We'll have to go back to hit them all. I was also blessed with having an incredible and artistic team that included Marcia McGovern, Laura Brent and Jodi Helmer. We photographed a few different looks and I think we came away with some great shots for our quick and fun photoshoot.

Here is the first look we shot. I can't wait to get up to Superior next month for another shoot with Kylee! Thanks to Marcia, Kylee, Laura and Jodi for everything. Stay tuned for more images from our shoot with Kylee.

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