ACMSA Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters

Feburary 11th & 12th, 2017 Southwest Regional

Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre - Queen Creek, Arizona

What a weekend of old west entertainment here in our beautiful desert. Rolling into Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre located in Queen Creek, Arizona the ACMSA Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters took over the arena grounds in style. Sporting their beautiful western attire complete with six shooters, shotguns and riffles, these riders were ready for business. Picture a fun filled event full of people enjoying the day, but instead of walking, riding a stunning horse is the preferred mode of transportation. So what was all the excitement about? The ACMSA had their Southwest Regional event last weekend here in the QC. Over 200 riders competed in the outdoor and covered arena, riding at blazing speeds through the course all while shooting at balloons. That is talent! 

I came across cowboy mounted shooting not too long ago. In fact up until this event I really didn't understand all the rules and what the riders were trying to accomplish. I would just come out to the arena and photograph the event since I'm a photographer and I loved all the action, attire and of course the horses. Luckily, I have been meeting some riders and their friends and family and they have explained the competition to me. While I am no expert, it is much more fun to know what is going on out there so I can better anticipate future photographs. The action is fast paced and if your not ready you can miss a great moment. In fact some riders complete the run in under 12 seconds! I was telling a very accomplished rider after watching him that I have trouble completing things in 12 minutes much less than what they do out there in 12 seconds. It's pretty impressive to be able to ride that fast and not miss a single balloon.

If you have never heard of this sport or just haven't made it out to an event yet, you must! It really is fun and very addicting. Now that I am starting to meet some riders, I find myself watching and rooting for them instead of photographing them. That's ok because my wife and I got to meet some wonderful people this weekend and had a absolutely terrific time. Getting the chance to hang with some of the riders and their families was really awesome. Such a great group and I consider myself fortunate to meet all of them. 

So if you missed last weekend, no problem. Starting Wednesday through Saturday you have another chance here in Queen Creek. Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre is having another event and I highly recommend checking it out. You will be entertained. Beautiful horses, loud gun fire, stunning western attire and great, friendly people. What else do you need?