Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

No. 1 roadside attraction in America! "A deer lickin, ostrich peckin, rainbow feedin good time"

Ok, I've been here before with my wife, Jodi. I believe she was my girlfriend at the time. We've been together for going on 25 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's been a while since we've been to the ranch. I believe we stopped in on our way to Mission San Xavier del Bac. I remember this because it was a little trip to Tucson with Jodi's new car. Great time, great ride until Jodi had a fry bread and powdered sugar explosion in her new car. That's another story! So what in the world took us so long to go back? I have no idea. We drive by all the time on our way to Tucson, Nogales and Mexico.

Baby Doe

Well, we finally came back. Will we visit again? YES! Why? Because this place is AWESOME! Let me say it again, this place is AWESOME! Lovable little donkeys, sweet and gentle deer, crazy goats, lots of bunnies, cool stingrays, small colorful birds and let's not forget the really big birds, the ostriches. Yep, they have the creatures covered. Personally I could spend all day with the donkeys. They're so very entertaining. 

Hungry Eyes

Quite a bit has changed at Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch since our last visit. They also has a gift shop, shooting gallery and the insane monster truck rides in the desert of Pichacho, Arizona. So what can I say about our time at the ranch? The staff was great. So friendly and they go above and beyond making everyone feel welcome. It really feels like an old school business where the customer comes first. It was refreshing to be treated so good. As far as things to do, you can interact, feed and pet the animals. Feed and pet the stingrays, try your luck at the shooting gallery or take a ride in the desert with Robert! 

The Look

Yes, they have monster trucks that take you for an informative and exhilarating tour of our Sonoran desert just below Picacho Peak. Robert is the driver and he is very entertaining to say the least. He had the whole truck full of people going. They really need to get this guy his own TV show. He's good! 

Friendly Stingrays

My advice, go check this place out. It is an experience that is well worth the price of admission. They say the simple things in life are the most extraordinary and in this case it's very true.


Adios Amigos!