2nd Annual Border Wars - United States vs. Canada

Presented by ACMSA & Roy Rogers Rangers

Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre in Queen Creek, Arizona

Cowboys, cowgirls, horses and guns made its way to Queen Creek this weekend. That's right! The 2nd Annual Border Wars was taking place at Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre and I had the opportunity to spend some time there photographing the event. First off, I have to say that the riders are all amazing! To be able to ride and shoot at the same time at the speeds they go is absoluety unbelievable. I came across cowboy mounted shooting back in November during the Vintage Road Show presented by The Salvage Co., a vintage market that took place in the covered arena. While photographing the Road Show I decided to wander around the park and I came across a shooting event that was going on at the same time. Since I had my camera with me I decided to do some shooting of my own. I was glued to the talent and the beautiful horses. Since that event I have been visiting the park photographing the roping events, which I love and patiently waiting another mounted shooting event.  

The event was today and I almost didn't make it. I am not much of a cold weather guy and today was in my world, freezing! I guess winter finally decided to come to the desert southwest. I love Arizona but summer is definitely my favorite time of year. The heat doesn't bother me much, I just don't like to be cold. Anyway, I bundled up, grabbed my gear and headed down to the event. I'm so glad I did!

Usually when I get to an event I sit back and just soak up what is going on. Seeing that I have only been to one mounted shooting event in the past, I didn't really understand all the rules. I had a million questions but I don't like to bother people so I just try to soak up as much as I can. Today though, I did get to talk to a few really nice riders and they were more than gracious to answer some questions I had and I got a chance to talk about the event a bit.

Ready to shoot, I put my lens on and started looking for a good place to begin making some images. I try to blend in but I really didn't dress the part. Everyone had cowboy boots and western attire and I'm pretty sure my red Converse All Stars may of stood out a bit. Note to self, get some boots! It would of really helped in the mud department. Anyway, I found a couple of great spots along the arena floor and was pretty happy with the shots but I remembered from the Vintage Road Show and also filming musician, Scott Helmer's Guinness World Records attempt here that this place has a catwalk. I loved shooting up there as it gave me a higher vantage point to play with some different compositions.

What was great about this event, there were lots of riders. For me, I love animals and horses are especially beautiful. Getting to see that many horses in one location was amazing. Being a photographer, taking photos of horses is at the top of the list for sure.

I have to say, cowboy mounted shooting is pretty entertaining and I have already put the next event on my calendar. Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre has really given me some new subjects to photograph. I am hoping to find some new clients that may need portraits, event photos or even images of and or with their horses.

Below are some more photos that I shot today. Be sure to check them out. Also, you can click on any of the images above for a full size view. Thanks to all the riders and to Horseshoe Park for the great time!

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