Blessing in Disguise (Part 2)

So here we are, at the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac. Earlier in the day we planned on shooting at the Pima Air & Space Museum but were turned away. Having to retool our shoot, the mission was our instant thought for a second location. In my eyes, The White Dove of the Desert is one of my most favorite locations in all of Arizona. I always feel at peace while visiting and leave with a refreshed outlook on life.

Having to come away with some great images for Scott's photoshoot, we started with shots inside the stunning church. Filled with incredible hand craved statues, the soft glow of candlelight  and vibrant paintings, the inside of the mission offers a beautiful and soft background to the photographs. If you haven't visited this amazing location, it should be at the top of your list.

While inside exploring the church, it started to rain lightly on the desert landscape. A fast moving storm was approaching and we thought we may get rained out. During our rain delay we were greeted by a sweet friend that came in for shelter from the storm. He seemed to know his way around the interior and exterior of the grounds, stopping every once in a while for a head rub from others in the church. Amazingly enough, the storm moved out across Tucson as fast as it came in from Mexico. It was time to get out the camera and photograph some outdoor shots for Scott's Guinness attempt. (As of writing this post, Scott did complete his attempt of playing 12 concerts in 24 hours!) Read more HERE!

Wow, as the storm passed, we were treated to some incredible and vibrant light that lit up the exterior to the mission. It was absolutely beautiful! Once again proving we picked the right place. I could stay here for hours photographing this beautiful location.

It was a race against time as the sun was setting. We needed to capture as much gorgeous light as we could before sunset. Luckily Scott and I came away with the images needed and were able to complete our task. After packing up, we decided to head to the Barrio District in downtown Tucson for diner at El Charro Cafe. The food and atmosphere is second to none. El Charro is a favorite of mine and when I'm in Tucson I have to stop in no matter the time of day. While having some very delicious enchiladas we had the chance to look back on the days events. Initially, we were a bit let down with our visit to Pima Air & Space but as the saying goes, it was a blessing in disguise. Not only were we able to come away with the images needed, I think we stumbled on a much better location to tell Scott's story. Thank you Tucson and thank you Mission San Xavier del Bac.


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